Friday, 15 September 2017


by Anne Walker

My name is Anne.  I can’t say too much about myself because I feel I am in a constant state of configuration.  To date, I am mostly well adjusted with several neurosis that I constantly work on (not really, but I tell people I do so they will give me a break).  These will be obvious enough if you are a constant reader.  I am resisting every urge as I write, not to mention at least a few.  Maybe that is one of them...resisting urges….and sometimes failing.  

I have spent the last twelve years of my life being a “personal trainer”.  I don’t even know what that means these days, but I can tell you, I don’t follow the industry standards that describes many personal trainers.  So, instead...I refer to myself as a lifestyle trainer.  I am not a big fan of gyms, or fads or ridiculous goals.  I believe in health and well being.  Hopefully I can share more about that over time and excise as many successful examples as naturally evolve in the day to day.  

Oh, and I like to eat.  Pretty much everything.  I like beer too.  I like good things in general and the experience that comes with getting to know those things.  For example, Abby Green.  She is a very good thing and I like her very, very much and intend to spend the rest of my days with her being productive, but sometimes lazy...and learning how to have fun doing the everyday things.

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