Sunday, 17 September 2017

Our Home

by Anne Walker

Our home is where we live.  That seems kind of obvious, but may not be the case for everyone, but certainly me.  Home, is where I spend the most time and I am pretty happy there as long as Abby is with me.  She makes home, home.  The BIG home is a 10 acre ranch in Texas that requires lots of love and care, as well as patience and ingenuity.  There is a cabin where I spend a great deal of time, because that is where the kitchen is.  I like the kitchen in the cabin because the floor plan is open and it is just one big room, much like the house I rented before Abby and I got engaged.  Shhhhh...she doesn’t know we are engaged yet...back to the story about home.  We also spend much of our writing time in the cabin.  The property also has a container home that Abby poured many sweat and tears over in it’s creation and eventual deliverance.  The container home is where we sleep mostly, but is fully furnished and very comfortable.  

Home is also the Eggcellence.  The Egg camper we have chosen for our travels is given a proper name to ensure it’s entity.  Also, if we lose it we have something to call it when we are walking around aimlessly…. “Has anyone seen  the Eggcellence??....oh Eggcellence...where art thou?!?”..... The Eggcellence is also fully furnished and very comfortable.  There is a bed, my favorite part, and a writing table and a nifty kitchen with a coffee maker that makes coffee while you are waking up and you don’t even have to get out of bed to pour it….although it is safer if you do.  My dog has her own condo under the bed where she spends most of her time when we aren’t out doing something like a giant walk Abby insists upon.  

But mostly home is wherever I live with Abby.  Whatever adventure we are on, we are definitely on it together, creating what I hope to be...the greatest story on earth.

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