Sunday, 17 September 2017

Our Home(s)

by Abby Green

The container house.
Our Home: Each morning we wake to the sun coming through a large oak tree outside our window. We live on a 10 acre property with two cabins and a variety of mature oak trees. One cabin is a container house built out of a high ceiling 45 foot long shipping container. Abby built this cabin over the course of about 3 years with the help of friends and family, and this is where we wake up and start our day. The other cabin was already here. It is made of three storage sheds under a huge industrial roof like you might find at a county fair grounds. About an acre and a half is fenced off for people, cars, and cabins, and the rest is left open and mostly wild with brush for animals and hiking should we ever get around to establishing trails or keeping animals. We have future plans to build our own designated author’s studio. Life is ever growing and evolving out here.

The Eggecellence EggCamper.
Home number 2: The project, The Eggcellence, is named for the EggCamper we bought for our 2018 travels. It is an adorable fiberglass pod that came sleek and white except for the red and black plaid curtains. I made a quick IKEA run and a hundred dollars later, outfitted the entire thing in black, red, and white. I installed some shelves, the dog made herself at home under the bed - it is a large cave under there, and we added some stadium folding chairs for back support at the table. The goal is to make this space as comfortable as possible, inviting writing opportunities, especially for that long adventure to Alaska.

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