Monday, 18 September 2017

The Cat

by Anne Walker

Stoli as some of us know, is the name of a vodka, but also the name of Abby’s cat.  Way to give away your drinking problem Abby...just kidding, she doesn’t have a cat...just kidding again, she has a cat, not a drinking problem and definitely not a problem cat.   Rather, Stoli is a handsome, kind and gentle cat that likes mostly to roam via a schedule you could document in your iPhone.  Six am….time to get roaming.  He naps in places unseen, then naps more back in the container home.  He eats in the middle of the night it seems, then idles around the bed until he decides with whom he will grace his presence and in what form.  Stoli, wrapped in his charcoal soft fur, is a most luxurious sleeping mate.  He stays perfectly still for hours only pressing slightly against you enough to let you know there is a bond, but nothing too contagious.   

Cats definitely belong to their owners and Abby begot Stoli, so there are things an outsider doesn’t know.  I know that I miss Stoli when he is not around and am genuinely glad to see him when he isn’t being cross about something.  He isn’t usually cross but is the same bad days as the rest of us…..

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