Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Dog

by Anne Walker

Mr. Magoo is a character.  Mr. Magoo, if you can remember back, is a character from the 70/80’s presented in slow moving, poorly edited cartoon form on Saturday morning.  The show didn’t get a great deal of air time at our house because frankly, we were only allowed a certain amount of air time and we all agreed, it was kind of stupid and a terrible waste of those precious minutes.  Goofy old blind guy befuddles his way through life’s quirky ups and downs, married to same, only one tic more intelligent female character.. If you have never seen the show or ironically can’t remember it...you can probably look it up on YouTube.  Wait, I’ll save you the trouble <insert M.M. vid here>.

It was recently that the older model, blind, ambling, forgetful character has come back to mind. See, I have this dog Macy.  You already know don’t you?  Macy is an older model, blind,  ambling, forgetful character.  She arrived at my door a two or four, we’ll just say three year old, mostly well behaved but unpredictable terrier.  A “squirl” dog.  The kind where all you have to say is “SQUIRL!” and she will take off in whatever direction she remembers her most recent chase.  Good entertainment for sure, but she treats every moving object this way, especially people.  People and wheels are especially a very bad combination.  Amazingly and despite many close calls with animal welfare, she has survived to what must be at least thirteen.  That’s like 90 something in people years...sounds about right.  <Note to self, look up reverse people years>.  

So nowadays, Mr. Macy Magoo gets a grain of salt.  I have to keep looking back to make sure the one and a half foot, mostly white dog with black spots is with me..a new level of learning not to be codependent with my dog.  Will it hurt her if she takes the long way? Likely not, so don’t worry about it, she find us somehow.  Or else she will smell her way off to pasture one day and there won’t be too many of these sort of stories from our traveling dog, newly named Mr. Magoo.  Exact age and birthday unknown, but who cares, she’s entertaining.  

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