Saturday, 16 September 2017

Who is Abby?

by Abby Green

Abby, Anne, and Macy out for a walk. Life is good.
I work as a musician and in-home organizer. I am highly organized toward goals and I move on decisions when I make them. Sometimes I am so one-tracked in my thinking toward these goals that it frankly never occurs to me that there is any other path toward success at all. This is the thing that seems to annoy Anne the most. I am a 5 foot 9 redhead with pale skin and blue eyes. I am the main breakfast cook using leftovers and whatever happens to be in the fridge to create breakfast taco surprise. No two tacos are ever the same, but somehow, they’re always good… mostly because starting with delicious dinner leftovers that Anne made is an excellent way to start. I am currently not performing solo, but I’m not finished with music. I have several projects in the works with other musicians and a multitude of CD ideas just waiting to be recorded.

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