Friday, 15 September 2017

Who is Anne?

by Abby Green
Laughter with coffee. Perfection.
Anne is a personal trainer. I’ve never met a personal trainer or anyone in any related field before Anne, to be honest. That’s because I am a lazy person, but this introduction is not about me. Anne is a spirited 5 foot 2 blonde brunette with gorgeous hazel eyes. She works very hard in every area of her life and becomes quite annoyed when things don’t go her way. Sighs, groans, and growls can be heard emanating from her if her positive path is broken by someone else’s demands of her attention and time. Anne likes food and is an excellent cook. We eat a variety of good things when we go out, and she is the main dinner cook in our home. She creates healthful and delicious meals. Anne is also lead gardener around here. She keeps things trimmed and tidy looking. Anne has the most amazing smile and laugh. I’ll do just about anything to hear that laugh. Her laugh makes the world lighter and gives me a soothing reassuring sense that all is well in our souls.

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