Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Who is Macy?

by Abby Green

Macy wearing flowers, not that she needs any more cute.
Macy smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. I’ve never actually seen her do this, but I know she does. Every morning she hacks just like every smoker I’ve ever known. If she could speak, she would sound like Phyllis Diller. Macy is a terrier mix, and as expected is feisty and protective even though she’s old and her back legs don’t seem to be fully attached any more. We sometimes call her Mr. Magoo because her sight and hearing leave her wandering toward sounds or things frequently in the wrong direction. Since leaving the big city, she seems younger. She runs across the yard and frolics. Yes, she frolics and smiles, practically giggling. She loves to run across the yard sometimes rushing the cat who does not think very highly of her.

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