Monday, 18 September 2017

Who is Stoli?

by Abby Green

Stoli's favorite mode: coma.
If Stoli was a human, he’d be a toddler who runs around wearing a teddy bear costume screaming, “look at me!” all the time. He’s a 16 pound butterball of snuggly kitty sweetness. He talks back in a high pitched, squeaky voice whenever anyone speaks to him. He announces his arrival even in the middle of the night. “Hi…  I’m here… you awake?… Is there space over here?” Whether there is space or not, he will flop in a full body throw down and go to sleep. He’s the best night cat I’ve ever had. Except for the occasional announcement or walking across our bellies to get from one place to another, he sleeps curled up beside one of us or between both of us. During the day, he can go outside to catch grasshoppers, or usually, he just curls up and sleeps some more on the couch or bed. He has an exciting life.

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