Thursday, 26 October 2017

Camper Customization

We will be traveling in "The Eggcellence" our EggCamper. We found ours by chance here in Texas. EggCampers are made in Michigan whereas Casitas are made in Texas. I have been searching for a Casita and luckily the seller of this EggCamper used 'Casita' in their description. It turns out, I like the EggCamper better than the Casita. There are pros and cons to each point.
1. The Egg doesn't utilize propane at all. I am GREAT with that. Every trailer I have ever had leaked propane. Likely a simple fix most of the time, but honestly, the smell of gas scares me. The EggCamper is entirely electric. Plug it in, done. The downside is that if we camp someplace that does not offer electricity, we will be without the use of any of our appliances...  but don't worry! I have a solution... see kitchen improvements later in this article.
2. The interior of the Egg is entirely fiberglass. The seats and counter, everything is smooth and clean.  Even the cabinets are rounded fiberglass. Good for cleaning but this does make the cabinet small and awkward. Still, I have found plenty of space for everything we need.
3. The Egg is a little taller and a wee bit wider. Casitas are 5'10' or 6'1" tall on the interior. The Egg is 6'6". The difference makes it feel really spacious. A Casita is 76" wide on the interior and the Egg is 84" on the interior. This makes a difference with the bed. A standard bed will fit in the Casita, but in the Egg there is extra head and foot room, again making it feel much more comfortable. The downside to this extra space is that the Egg is tall enough and wide enough that I need mirror extensions on my truck to see around and behind us while driving down the road.

Now for improvements!

The kitchen:
Water is problematic. The connections break loose with heat, cold, or too much pressure. For me, it's just not worth the pain and risk of destruction. To solve this "problem" and the problem of potentially being somewhere without electricity, we plan to have an outdoor kitchen. Almost all camps have water spigots or some sort of wash station. I removed the sink in favor of a removable wash pan and drying rack for dishes. We have a full screened-in kitchen tent. And we have a tiny propane tank single burner stove which I have used for years on the road. Also, in the kitchen, I added containers for silverware and cooking utensils. There are no drawers for such things in the EggCamper. The fiberglass counter top was easy to drill through to secure the containers. I also added hooks for miscellaneous kitchen things and pots and pans.

The bathroom:
In such a tiny space, sewage is also an issue that neither of us want to deal with. I removed the toilet and shower sprayer. I left all of the connections in case we decide to sell this camper some day (not likely - haha). I sealed off the toilet drain and turned the shower into a clothing closet. My shelves are made of PVC pipes extended one side to the other because no screws can go through the back wall of the shower because it is an exterior wall and could create a leak risk, but screws through interior walls are fine. Plastic storage bins sit on top of these PVC pipes. I added one more PVC pipe for hanging coats and sweatshirts.

The work table:
I made a larger table! We will be needing a place to set up our computers for writing and that tiny table was not going to cut it. I made it 8 inches deeper and a foot wider to overlap the seats a bit. I also added stadium folding seats to the fiberglass seats. The right seat has a closet as a back with a door latch that cuts right into your shoulder. The left seat has zero back support, just the mattress. These stadium seats fit perfectly and we can take them elsewhere if we want. You will also notice the baskets I installed for quick-grab stuff like binoculars and a bird book.

The decor:
I decorated the place all in black, white, and red. Nearly all of it is from IKEA. The decal on the back wall was easy-ish to install. The fiberglass makes for a great surface... that decal specifically with all the branches took some patience, but it was worth it.

Finally, on the exterior, I added a step stool, which I spray painted red, and I removed "EggCamper" and added ""
Now, it's ALL ours! It fits our needs, our style, and we will be super comfy and ready to hit the road!!

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