Thursday, 12 October 2017

My Birthday

I have so much to tell you all! First, this blog. Anne and I have a huge travel schedule planned for 2018. Part of the purpose is to write a travelogue type book together. This blog will keep everyone updated on our travels as we go along, and hopefully, you will just have to have a copy of the book when we are done! We have decided to write weekly posts here publishing every Thursday, so that if you subscribe via email, you can look forward to an interesting update in a timely once a week manner. We will be taking turns. I may post some video while Anne may post a great recipe. Every week will be different. You should "follow by email" or click the "follow" button if you do google-type things... right over there in the right hand margin :-)

Second, yesterday was my birthday! I'm 43 now. Isn't this the traditional year of adventure? Doesn't this mean I'm wise and ready to share my wisdom? Seems like the perfect recipe for travel and book writing. I have a habit of creating goals and projects in my life that last three to six years each. I feel a bit like a cat with nine lives. There were teacher related years followed by animal care related years. The music years could be split into a few different phases. I'm not done with music entirely, but this travel writing project is going to put a large portion of the music making on hold. I am very excited to introduce you to this side of my creative self. Yay, 43!

EggCamper the day we found and bought it.
Third, this project, named "The Eggcellence." The name came about because our camper is an "EggCamper." As I understand it, the company is currently not making them. This makes me super glad we found this one when we did! For our Texas friends who know the "Casita" name, it is very similar only taller, slightly wider, quite a bit lighter, and everything on the interior is fiberglass meaning super easy to wipe down clean. Because Anne and I really don't care for eggs all that much, we have been trying to come up with a tag line for our project that will let people know it's not actually about EGGS. This week's tagline test run: "The Eggcellence: It has nothing to do with eggs." I hope Anne can offer something better in next week's post, or maybe you can in the comments.

My parents brought home this cute baby 43 years ago!
Fourth, yesterday was my birthday!! What? I already said that? OK, well, I didn't tell you that Anne made this amazing lime ice cream pie thing. She doesn't usually make sweet stuff, but she made an exception for my birthday, and it turned out incredible. Also, we camped in Georgetown, TX at Cedar Breaks Park. A cold front came through giving us fantastic Texas hiking weather. If you find yourself in the Austin, Texas area, this is a great camping place. Great for tents and RVs, it is a fairly small park right on Lake Georgetown. The views are lovely and there are plenty of trees. Happy birthday to me! Did you subscribe? You could do that as a birthday present to me. Heehee :-)


  1. It sounds like an eggcellent adventure! I wish y'all the very best! And Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy belated birthday, Abby. I can't wait to hear more of your adventures. We love to travel by car (if we're not cruising)and are always looking for the road less traveled. Good luck, and happy trails!

  3. Hippo Birdies Two Ewes Deer Abby. You don't know me super personally I was one of the White Hart gang. I sat at Madame Jean's table and crocheted a lot. Then my husband and I moved to Michigan. I think the name of your adventures and your camper are inspired,I look forward to my email updates. :)