Thursday, 19 October 2017

Ten Weeks Left!!

What?? It was Abby’s birthday?  That ice cream situation had nothing to do with her birthday.  I was just working on a current recipe (still working on it).  Quick, I need a last minute, wait...I mean perfect, belated birthday present!!  Just kidding, we did okay I think.  We camped, we ate, she got a massage, I got to work, we ate some more, we did all of the good things except get a good hike in.  Next time.  Hopefully it will not take a full year.  This just in….she has polished off the ice cream...

What is the 10 weeks left, you ask?  Ten is the number of weeks I have left driving back and forth to Georgetown, Texas to work for my clients in the personal training industry.  No, not the end of my personal training career, just the end of the recent travel and camping portion.  I am bridging the gap with my clients to continue helping them (more later), even on the road as Abby has described much of our next year will be. Meanwhile, Abby has made me a cool paper chain that hangs in the window tantalizingly.  Each week, I get to tear off another link of the chain. If we have a fire going, it goes directly in the fire.  If no fire, it just goes in the trash after I stare at it’s crumpled lifeless body for a day or two.  On a good day, it becomes a cat toy first.  As the links get higher towards their destination, I get stronger and more excited for our upcoming adventure!  Soon enough, it will seem like a downhill slide that probably, I won’t feel heels digging in.  

So, I want to thank the good people at Cedar Breaks Park.  They are a group of wonderful people that work a beautiful space on Lake Georgetown.  Look it up, stay if you are in the area, and enjoy the beautiful views.  They have put me up, or put up with me, week after week for a mere $26 per night.  

Meanwhile, my contribution to our travel blog will be lots of sharing.  Good places, good eats, good beer, good fitness and nutrition advice and my latest favorites, in whatever context.  Most recently is an addition to my podcast subscriptions, this one a “short”.  I am enjoying NPR’s Texas Standard: Stories from Texas, specifically from W.F. Strong.  If you are from Texas, this is a TEN.  If you are not from Texas, Strong pokes enough fun at Texans that you just might enjoy it anyway.  What Abby and I are currently reading is Fannie Flagg’s ‘Standing in the Rainbow’ and independently I am reading ‘True Grit’ by Charles Portis.

So here we go… With Abby, through empathy, communication and responsibility and lots of good writing, I expect a wonderful next year...just starting several weeks early, ‘cause really, I can not wait. Oh...let’s see…. “The Eggcellence: We hate runny yolks, but not running jokes” (obviously).