Thursday, 16 November 2017


While I do consider myself a bit of a storyteller, I stop just short of ever being a liar.  Except this time, but I would rather just humble myself and say, perhaps I was mistaken, which almost never happens, of course.  In making my transition out of work in Georgetown as personal trainer and into work as a virtual coach, I ended up getting myself a few extra weeks off before the new year. So, I have to now backpedal and admit, my last day at work in Georgetown is Wednesday the 22nd, the day before Thanksgiving.  So, not four more weeks as earlier predicted.  As much as I have loved working and living in Georgetown for the past six years, I am going to spend this year’s Thanksgiving being grateful for my new digs and plans for 2018.  It truly is a new beginning.  

AND TRAVEL!!  I will honor my thankfulness on Thanksgiving for the ability to travel.  I am so very glad that Abby got that map up, because I was getting exhausted by the “where are you traveling?” question.  This query is always followed by the “oh, you are staying in the U.S.” remark, which feels a bit like an immediate letdown for some reason.  Yes, we are staying in the United States, well mostly..considering the fact that Canada is kind of in the way if we want to drive to Alaska.  But no, it has nothing to do with my horrible dislike of flying to the point of panic and tears if I don’t get the requisite 3 strong drinks in me first, or the current consternation of the world, or any disdain for foreign places.  It’s just that isn’t what the focus is right now.  The focus is on showcasing the United States and what it has to offer, whether it is barren roads, desert sunsets, fall foliage, good or possibly even bad eats, or interesting people and their places.  

In case you missed this in the previous post - our 'travel loops' plan.
Besides, here is the real truth, almost embarrassing to admit.  I have only been to less than several states in this country.  A few to the left, a few to the right...not talking politics here...and a few over that direction.  For the most part, I can honestly say that I have never been to the places we are going.  Isn’t that exciting?  Macy, has definitely not been to any of the places and will be very enthusiastic about her travels in the time machine.  Oh, that is what she calls the spot that she sinks into and falls asleep for the entirety of any  trip from point A to B, transporting her magically into a new environment.  Must be nice… although I somewhat enjoy the driving part myself, SOMETIMES it would be nice to up somewhere...BOO!  

Macy in her self-imposed time-capsule (AKA the floor board of the truck!)
Can’t wait for Abby’s and my non-traditional holidays coming up...should be interesting...

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