Thursday, 23 November 2017


Happy Thanksgiving!! I have an amazing number of things for which I am incredibly grateful.

First, food. You should see the amount of food we have CRAMMED in our tiny trailer fridge. I'm writing this on Tuesday, the day I went to buy our Thanksgiving feast. There are about five pounds of pork chops (they were on sale), asparagus, Brussel sprouts, red and green onions, smoked chicken (one of Anne's clients gave that to us), apples, brie, tomatoes, avocado, hot dogs & chili, half n half, half of a lime, capers, and 3 beers. We eat well and I am forever excited and grateful about that. Never take food for granted!
Porkchops, PURPLE mashed potatoes & gravy, asparagus & Brussels sprouts!!!
Second, travel. I never get tired of a city or nature hike no matter the climate, views or if I've seen the place before. It amazes me how many different things I notice and how I adapt to terrain, temperature, hunger, all in the name of enjoying a day of different opportunities.

Third, my "work." The downside to my work is that I enjoy it too much. I charge too little and volunteer too often and then wonder why I'm so tired. I love music and the challenge of arranging things for different instruments and voices. I love researching music history. I also love organizing stuff. I just did a day of reclaiming a client's guest bedroom. From storage of stuff that we didn't even remember she owned (I helped this client move into this home, so the location of this stuff was entirely my own doing!), to a peaceful, spacious bedroom with room for her guests to hang their clothes. I love this process. I love the way clients seem to think I possess some sort of magic wand. I love the variety in what I do and I love helping people smile or find peace either in music or organizing.

Fourth, my partnership. Yeah, yeah, cliche. Fine, skip this one if you want to! Anne and I have been writing thousands and thousands of words per month for five and a half years. The amount of information and the development of respect for each other's individual self is a puzzle piece that I have been missing. Accepting another person for who she is, letting her live and make decisions for herself even if I don't agree one hundred percent and knowing she offers me the same is refreshing and necessary for these independent 40-somethings. Also, we have a chosen set of goals and ideas for our upcoming years of adventures. As life shifts and changes, so will our together-goals.
Venn diagram of our relationship for those of us with visual sensibilities!
Fifth, and finally, for purposes of keeping this blogpost a readable length, technology. I keep in touch with you through technology that did not exist when I was in high school. I love being able to communicate to the world and I love even more that the world can communicate with me. So please, please stay in touch. Write comments and share your stories with us.

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  1. Wonderful thoughts. I'm thankful you reminded me of all I should remember to be thankful for. (Well, that was an awkward sentence. )