Thursday, 9 November 2017

Travel plans

Most frequently asked questions about this project involve where we are going. I quickly want to reply, "Everywhere!" but I realize that is less descriptive than it seems in my own mind. I decided to make a map. This map is not precise. We don't want stalkers or even too many family members knowing exactly where we are. Haha, just kidding, Family! (Mom and Dad are meeting us in Alaska, so they know I'm kidding :-) )

The white dot is approximately where we live. And the loops are approximately where we plan to go. See? EVERYWHERE!

Loop 1: The Great Southwest will include the Fort Davis Mountains and Big Bend National Park, Tucson, San Diego, the Grand Canyon, Albuquerque and Ruidoso, NM. 

Loop 2: Colorado. This loop seems small but it is mighty. We both love Colorado. There is much to see and do there, and there are many many small breweries that need our opinions of their beers.

Loop 3: ALASKA! We will make our way though part of the middle of the lower 48, up through Canada and meet up with my parents in Alaska. Our return trip will take us down the west coast. This will be our biggest craziest loop and the main reason I have worked so hard to make our travel pod comfortable.

Loop 4: Center of the USA will include Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and Oklahoma.... This whole loop is so far into the future that we don't have exact plans yet, but a loop has definitely formed in our minds with friends and family members scattered all over this area.

Loop 5: The Maine loop includes the east coast all the way to Maine. We are sure to include Niagara Falls, and come back some cattywompus* route that might make more of a figure 8 depending on what we decide. 

*I just looked up the word "cattywompus" to see how it should be spelled. Blogger underlines it for me as if it's misspelled. Guess what! There is a Cattywompus beer made by Devil's Backbone Brewing in Virginia... which is within the very loop I was talking about. I guess this means we have to visit. We'll let you know what we think!


  1. WOW !! Sounds like SO MUCH FUN !! Please include the prosaic along with the poetic parts of your trip : those small but fascinating details of the PROCESS as well as the PAYOFF of making those loops fabulousy loopy.

    START by writing about the details of PLANNING such adventures !! What all was / is being considered ??

    Lookin' forward to reading along !! THANKS for including us !!

    1. Haha... that's pretty much what we're doing!!! Read the previous posts and you will see.... but of course we can't give away ALL the stories or there won't be any great stuff left to include in the book that you'll just have to buy in order to get ALL the details!

  2. If y'all want to stop in The Colony (DFW area) for some home cooked food that you don't have to cook yourselves, we would love to have you as our guests. Our yard is big enough to park your egg too!