Thursday, 30 November 2017

What's next?...will not be learned here..

Well, thank gosh Thanksgiving is over!!  I guess you heard it was pretty low key around here.  It was an in and out scene with a pork chop, gravy, some purple potatoes and an apple-brussel sprout-asparagus saute.  The meal had no chance at looking good on a plate, but Abby snapped a quick shot before she ate and headed back to her last weekend at TRF.  Woohoo… something else to be thankful for.  Abby looks a little thankful here, if you ask me...or is that exhaustion?

I can say that with at least a smattering of authority, as that is where we had come from, before super fast Thanksgiving dinner.  That was my first Texas Renaissance Festival ever.  I know right?  I have lived in Texas my entire life and I guess my parent didn’t see it as an interesting thing to do for their kids’ education growing up.  I concur.  It was only slightly educational as an adult, in that I learned lots about festival food and how many thousands of people can eat it at the same time.  That time being...ALL damn day.  Don’t misinterpret my tone, the festival was interesting, lots to do and see, performers to watch, characters to witness their behavior.  Abby and her group were fantastic.  I found it a little frustrating that some of the smaller venues had the best raw talent.  This talent somewhat overwhelmed by the loudness of nearby stages, crowds of people yelling above them and my very favorite, people talking on their cell phones.  Seriously?  How much did you pay to get in here?  I was there for two days, the duration of the weekend basically, except when I went back to our campground at Cagle State Park about 40 minutes away to check on her majesty, not the camper, the dog.  I highly recommend the campground if you have a boat and like to fish, or have smallish children you would like to introduce to camping.  It an excellent setup for that with a gorgeous lake and small, inclusive campgrounds.  For us, it was a good place to let Macy sleep away the hours in the Eggcellence, while Abby worked her tail off and I learned even more about human nature.  

We are now in chill out or rev up mode, I don’t even know.  I spent 24 hours visiting Fredericksburg, that went by so fast that I didn’t even get a chance to do the “quiet time” things I wanted to get done. I took this crappy picture while Macy and I were on a sunrise walk towards Main street. Fredericksburg, lit up for the season.... or that's what it looks like if you're a little "lit up".

Oh well, here I am now, sun streaming in the windows through a poinsettia plant and onto an empty plate that once briefly held a Queen Anne cordial cherry.  My first QACC ever.  I have had several FIRSTS lately.  Seems “retirement” comes with some responsibilities…. Next week, begin the workouts again!

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