Thursday, 21 December 2017

Christmas Anticipation

A pile of presents under two one-dollar poinsettias wait to be opened on Christmas day. I have been single for many years and most of those I have spent here alone in my home because of music gigs, or gig exhaustion, or because I chose to take care of friends' pets over the holidays. This solitude meant I could open the presents any time I wanted! This year, there's Anne. Anne is here making sure I behave myself. I'm not allowed to touch any of them. Not even TOUCH them! I wait until she leaves the room to pet the presents. Don't worry, that's where my sin stops. I haven't opened any of them.
Today is Thursday the 21st of December and while the anticipation of Christmas is upon us all, something much more magical is at the forefront of my mind. Today, Anne and I go on a secret adventure-mission. We will return on Christmas day in time to open presents and eat tamales and drink hot cocoa into the evening. Today we load up the dog, a wee bit of luggage, some things to drop off a Goodwill and the recycling center...  and a couple of items specific to our secret mission. The mission is simple yet complex. There has been a long challenging path leading up to this mission. It marks the end of that part of the adventure and declares the beginning of an even longer, more dedicated adventure.

I had better close this post before I give away too much. I need to set up the cat who has to stay behind alone in the container house. He gets a box wrapped in a warm insulating blanket in which he curls up and stays cozy warm. He'll be fine, but he doesn't miss a chance to look at me like I'm beating him as I prepare to leave him for a few days. Don't worry, cat, I'll be back... the presents need to be opened!
Merry Christmas from Abby, Anne and our goofy animals who did not want to sit for this photo!


  1. How well do your cat and her dog get along?

  2. Well enough that they don't kill each other. Macy chases him away about 40% of the time and Stoli takes advantage of moments when he can stare down at her from above and every now and then gives her the three swat reminder that he could take care of himself if needed.