Thursday, 28 December 2017

Intermission please...


<queue ‘Girl from Ipanema’ [Elevator Version]>

Bridging the gap between the end of the year and 2018, so many things have been happening that this weeks post is somewhat of a breather for all of us. Next week, Abby will fill you in on all of the excitement of this past weekend, in all of its simplicity and the ladder rungs we are ascending to the big leap into our first adventure next week!

In the meantime, this little tidbit of insight from yours truly...

Top 10 reasons I should not live alone: (and why it is okay that I don’t anymore)

1. It turns out that talking to your dog any more than 35-45 seconds at a time, is frowned upon socially and that awareness is important when frequenting those doggie bars and such.

2. Singing the same verse (and only one you know) to a song over and over again, is grounds for insanity. Who knew?? "Yes, I am feeling alright today, how are you?"..."well, there's a tear in my beer and I'm cryin' for ya' dear...."

3. Producing your own in-house cooking show in the voice and manner of Pedro, from Napoleon Dynamite, is not as clever as you may think. Although, sometimes it's still hard to tell for sure... how else can you gain laughter inside and out while cooking mundane ingredients for dinner.

4. REALIZATION: there is more to living, than getting off work and looking to the idiot lantern (TV, so named by my father back in the day) for compatibility, unknown persons’ life updates via the news and as a source of ambient lighting while you mourn the sun setting over yonder. The television suddenly lacks interest at all, in fact. Okay, PBS cooking shows and Jeopardy...but that is it!

5. Did you have a bath today??.... And did anyone notice? Ahhhh, glorious eau de smoke... the only thing that works beyond, "Is that the dog??"

6. Sometimes…. If you lie there long enough in the morning, coffee really does make itself...and by itself, I mean Abby made it.

7. When there is a witness, more stuff gets done. Damn the witness, but she is a good thing, 'cause like I said, lot's of good stuff gets done!!

8. Less money gets wasted at the bar of my favorite eatery where, it turns out, I don’t really like the food and I was just bored and lonely. All the monies wasted when I could have been having intimate meals with another, at home not mourning that sunset.

9. Reading is funner (huh, turns out “funner” really is a word), when Abby is telling the story.

10. Making dinner (not in the persona of Pedro) for more than one, is quite an adventure if you put enough thought into it and the leftovers magically turn into breakfast tacos...thank you breakfast chef!

11. ….and the bonus reason, learning that nobody really cares what it sounds like when you pee or when you have to excuse yourself to the bathroom at all…. says the person with bathroom neurosis and referencing the person who just doesn't give a shit!

And this concludes our intermission and PSA (personal service announcement). The underlying message is fear not compatibility, because with the very right person, it can set you free. If you haven't found that, be patient and work hard. If you have it, congratulations, try not to screw it up. If you have it and aren't aware of it or forgot, go in the bathroom and look long and hard in the mirror and consider your alternatives to the blessings you have right now. Steep on that for a time...

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