Thursday, 14 December 2017

The Countdown Continues....

Is it that time again? When it is Abby’s post week, I always get jealous and have a million things to write about, then comes my turn, it always seems, where life on the little ranch is just a bit less exciting. But wait! There was snow!! Most people all over the world know, snow in south Texas is a pretty rare thing. The way I see it, now we don’t have to drive all the way to Alaska, because now we have done the snow, right?? I have to say, in my...err, maybe 11 times ever seeing snow in the flesh (including the time I almost died in it!), this light powder that lasted the dawn of the morning and nigh into the day, here in Abbyville, was probably the most beautiful display I have ever seen. Had it been the actual day of Christmas, oh my gosh… it would have been surreal.

Today (Wed, the 13th) is my brother Brian’s birthday. Like my mom, he no longer walks among us here on earth, at least not to my knowledge. He passed away eight years ago, which though it almost seems a lifetime, will ever be fresh in my mind in the same lessons and paying attention sort of way, as my mother and the other dozen or so people I have lost near and dear to me in the past 10 years. Losing people is never easy, but it does start to make more and more sense the older I get. Or, maybe the justifications become more strongly rooted as time goes by. Who knows. By next year I may have an entirely different perspective. What I do know is that he and Abby would have gotten on well together. They are both very likeable people with a few oddities in common, like intelligence and a tolerance and propensity for things the rest of the world struggle with.

Oh yes, and speaking of the past, I know Abby alluded to a bit of an adventure I had on our trip to Galveston. It is family tradition, as for many I suppose, to sort of spill by the house in Galveston where so much growing up and history took place. One never drives directly there, but more or less meanders the street surrounding, taking in landmarks and their change or insistence of no change over the years. Then, “oh… and this is our street”....”this house and that house and… well, what do you know, there is OUR house”.... Sort of like that, it just kind of shows up in the middle of the street. Since the storm IKE, things have changed so much on the island and it is hard not to be surprised by the lack of foliage, heck, giant oak trees and for us in particular, a beautiful magnolia tree that once lived outside the living room window. Then, without fail, a drive down the alley which haunts me to my core each time, I have no idea why I do it. Then a turn left over by the elementary school and park I knew as my very own for my youngest years and all of the childhood drama that took place there. There was plenty; a short book of stories I am sure that would make any bullied adolescent feel at home.

On this particular trip, however, driving down my childhood street and past the old house, Abby and I notice a sign in the yard. Is it for sale? Can I look inside the windows? I park on the other side of the street in front of a house that was everything from a small family, whose baby both my siblings and I all had turns sitting (none of us were carried the torch very well, not in our DNA) a small abode that housed medical students off and on. I didn’t even bother to wonder who lives there now as I walked over to the sign to read what it said. It was a homes tour sign for that very night! Hearing noise inside the house and noticing the front door was open, I couldn’t resist climbing the brick stairs I watched getting laid when I was very young and knocking on the double screen door I once painted every summer.

At this very moment, I am experiencing a little emotion as I did that day when someone came around the corner and after I identified myself, knew exactly who I was and had hoped to make my acquaintance some day. The short version of this story is that Abby and I got our very own private tour of the home I spent from my birth until the day I left for college and smatterings afterwards. There were remembered spaces and scars and ghost stories that all jumped out at me with every step we took. I wish we had had more time, but there was work to be done to prepare for the evening. On a different occasion, I would have insisted we stay and help!!

Meanwhile, I made new friends of the people that now live there, who I am very proud to get to know. Also, I have encountered a new writing assignment and project altogether that I am looking forward to. Abby and I will return to Galveston very shortly and that will keep the fire under my britches on that one.

So!! Ast the title states… THE COUNTDOWN CONTINUES!! We are on our way out of 2017 which is still packed with projects and excitement as only Abby can provide and on to the big travel and chock full of things to do and get done 2018!! Hopefully you will join us in all of our adventure and share yours with us as well!

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  1. I enjoy the stories from your "ramble." Thanks for posting! I mostly have to settle for Google Street views of my childhood home - but I did take a drive by once. All the best to you both - and Merry Christmas!