Thursday, 7 December 2017


Weeks were like this: Monday, Anne goes to Georgetown to camp and work with clients. Anne comes home on Thursday afternoon. Abby and Anne become regulars at Los Cabos Mexican restaurant every Thursday afternoon. Friday evening, Abby leaves for The Texas Renaissance Festival. Abby returns Sunday night where Anne has a lovely dinner waiting. And the next day, Monday, Anne leaves again.

This was exhausting. We knew this would be exhausting before this set of 9 weeks began, so we wanted to reward ourselves with a little weekend getaway of some kind. I had a credit with AirBnB for hosting over a whole year. Anne grew up in Galveston. Dickens on the Strand in Galveston is the first weekend of December and seemed the perfect combination of timing, location, and fun. I reserved and AirBnB that called itself quirky, wrote it on the calendar, and referred to this wee vacation every time we felt too tired to continue this crazy work pattern.

Thanksgiving weekend was my final weekend working at the Texas Renaissance Festival. We spent a little time recovering, unpacking, cleaning a million things, and then we packed for a different purpose. Macy, Anne, and I hopped in the car and drove a backroads way to Galveston.

We stopped at The Brick House to get our bearings and have a beer and snack of chips with white queso and crumbles of blue cheese. Our bartender told us about Stuttgarden Tavern with many more beers on tap, and she raved about their pretzels. We had a few minutes to kill and it was in the direction we wanted to go, so we decided to go there. They had a great outdoor seating area. I had some sort of peanut butter milk stout thing. It was dessert in a glass.

Stuttgarden Tavern.
As we sat in their outdoor area, we noticed women would leave the lady's room...  but we never saw them enter. We decided there must be a secret underground entrance or maybe this was part of a Dr. Who episode where humans were being created right inside that very room. Or maybe we were too busy drinking our beers to notice people coming and going... naw.

The thing that happened next is Anne's story to tell, plus, this post is getting long and I have a lot more to tell you. Just remember I said she grew up in Galveston. Maybe she'll tell you this part or maybe you'll have to wait for THE BOOK.
Random picture of the dog. She obviously hates travel.
About that quirky AirBnB. We arrived after a lovely evening of adventure and talk with a dear old family friend. One does not choose AirBnB for the perfect cookie-cutter rooms you could get at Motel 6 or the Hilton. One chooses AirBnB for the unique experience. And we got that. I could easily use the word quirky to describe my home. My home is also thought out, comfortable, cozy, cute and in good repair. This place needed WORK! The bathroom floor was the worst part with a feeling like you could fall through with any step. There were various sheets and chunks of fabric tacked or draped over windows. A simple straight stitch and cut them to the same length throughout would have made a HUGE difference even if the variety of fabrics didn't match. Quirky implies an element of cute, fun, and creativity. On top of it all, the only available coffee was instant. Hmmmmmm... Better luck next time.
OUR house is quirky! This is our cabin, not the AirBnB
We visited the beach in the morning. It was lovely. Macy pranced around in the sand like a puppy. Then, off to Dickens.
The beach at sunrise.
We found parking close enough that would be in the shade so we could come walk Macy every couple of hours. The entire festival is about 6 blocks long with main stages set up, but other groups perform in the street as they wish. Many many people dressed in Victorian clothing. The Strand is lined with good shops and food. The festival adds even more food and shopping booths. On one of our return trips to walk the dog, we stopped for lunch at Olympia Grill. We sat on their deck with a view of the water, ordered a salad with grilled salmon to split and my friends Therese and Joe showed up and shared our table. It was a gorgeous day and this was a fantastic way to spend our first non-working weekend.
Enjoying a beer on the curb in our souvenir mugs.
When we got tired, which was early, we went back to our AirBnB. We woke the next morning hungry for breakfast tacos. We searched our phone and found Habanero's Taco Co. They wouldn't serve me a bean, bacon and cheese taco because a) he would have to charge 50 cents extra for making it special, b) it's not authentic without eggs, c) he'd really rather sell me a day-time taco instead. Our cashier made himself sound like the owner (I think he was), and he really said all of these things even when I told him 50 cents was fine. So, I ordered 2 tacos from the regular menu, and they were indeed quite good. They have a pot of beans for helping yourself. Those were also very tasty with good spices and ham bits. With our tummies full, we drove away toward home.

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