Thursday, 4 January 2018

Hold onto your hats!

No really! The wind is blowing like crazy and no matter how tightly you think that hat is tied, it's going to blow right off if you let go. The journey has begun, and those previous statements are basically the weather here in Georgetown. Also, it's freezing, as in not-just-Texas level freezing, but actual sub-32 degrees Fahrenheit freezing.

When we made these plans to travel in January, we knew the weather would be a wild card. It could be worse. At least the sun is shining, and it's stayed dry. Here at Cedar Breaks, they turned off the water to campsites during the freezing over nights, but the showers still run hot!
I sneak a photo while Anne chats with friends.
The biggest news is pretty much out there now, but as far as the blog goes, we have only hinted. We got married on December 23, less than two weeks ago. We were together with three other people in the warm loving home of a dear family friend as we said what we wanted to say and pledged to love each other, and put up with each other, and encourage each other to shine in our own individual brightest ways possible.
Wedding cake!
We ate a wonderful boeuf bourguignon, a delightful bundt rum cake with dark chocolate ganash, shared some toasts, and in the end, our officiant declared us married. It was simple, full of sincerity, included food and drink, and filled with laughter...  a perfect representation of exactly how we like to live. We may have a gathering, reception, barbeque, party at the property in the spring. We'll let you know :-)
Beach walk with dog.
Beautiful day for walking on the beach!
Time flies when you're having fun. Back to the present. While in Georgetown, we are running a million errands while we are still basically in home-turf territory. We've stopped in to grab a margarita or beer at a couple of our favorite stops, Dos Salsas, 600 Degrees, and Whole Foods where you can choose one of fifty taps and the grocery shop for overpriced groceries! I really think this grocery store is about as brilliant as it gets. Who wouldn't be a whole lot happier shopping for your everyday mundane household items and foods if only you had a glass of wine or interesting beer in hand?!?

Tomorrow morning we leave on the next leg of the journey. Westward we go!!


  1. Congratulations and blessings on you both! May the New Year bring you ever more joy, good health and prosperity!

  2. Congratulations and best wishes! I hope you do have a gathering. It'd be fun to see my trainer eat cake and all sorts of treats.