Thursday, 18 January 2018

One post per week???

Just one post per week sounds like a really amazing idea so that we aren't overly pressured to come up with stuff to say, but now that we are on the road, there is so much to tell you that it is sincerely difficult to decide what to say and what to leave out for now... because of course, all those left-out pieces will be reassembled for the book later!

We've been in San Diego since Anne last updated you. The highlight? FOOD. The food and beer have been amazing in this city. I've always considered Austin and Houston to be pretty good on their food and beverage options, but here, it seems even more prominent and everyone takes advantage. Places where food was plentiful, people scurried like ants everywhere to snatch up the last available parking spot... which leads me to the biggest difficulty of the city.

The biggest disappointment in San Diego is the lack of public transportation. The parking situation was INSANE. Everywhere we went. Luckily, for two days, we had Mariah to drive us around. Her patience and understanding of the city gave us the opportunity to see much more than we would have on our own. We would have had to give up in frustration circling and dodging other drivers.

The Farmer's Market in Hillcrest with a Mango Chili Limeade - heaven!
Back to food. The farmer's markets are not just for take home foods, but rows of delicious EAT-US-NOW foods. I don't think there was a single booth I would have skipped, but I'd need an entire year of Sundays to try them all. Miss the Farmer's Market? Not to worry! There is Liberty Station where you will be overwhelmed by the smells and variety of top quality deliciousness. I live for this sort of thing. If we ever decide on a new place to live, one of my requirements is a variety of delicious food within walking distance from our home. Usually, that makes a place expensive, but I'm willing to dream and look for as long as it takes.

I am patiently waiting with our roasted lunch at Liberty Public Market for Anne to return with our beers.
We visited both Stone Brewery and Ballast Point, both of which are becoming big on the scene of beers and now available in stores across the country. At their breweries, there are specialty or small batch brews and brews that don't make it to the mass market. These are the beers we take advantage of. Stone has a widely available beer called Xocovesa which is a stout that married a Mexican hot cocoa. It is delicious and becoming more and more widely available... so I skipped drinking it here at the brewery. Instead, I had Unicorn Milk which is a stout getting serious with a Chai Latte. It was quite tasty.  Ballast Point has a wider variety available in stores, but I still managed to have a tasting of three of their Victory at Sea series. These are serious beers, but in small tasters, perfect.

Stone Brewery is a gorgeous, elegant place with excellent beer.

Ballast Point is in busy Little Italy. We people watched while we tasted tasty beers.
We are now in Arizona at another state park and we have already visited a local brewery and locally owned Mexican food restaurant with, honestly, some of the best food and definitely most delightful service I have ever known. I'll save the details on this for now just in case a crazy stalker is reading this. I'll leave you with one last photo from The Shore Club where we enjoyed the view and said good-bye to San Diego.

Shore Club view on a beautiful day.
Hope you're staying warm wherever you are...  seems that our home in Texas has been in a serious state of deep freeze. Glad we left when we did! Ha :-)

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