Thursday, 15 February 2018

Valentine's Day

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. People love or hate or love to hate Valentine's Day. I've never been big on the holiday myself, but we had fun yesterday being ourselves and giving/getting gifts that fit us a little too well.

One day, Anne was watching me dispense my daily vitamins from a wee hardware container that I use because I can dose out 18 days and with the way we travel, it's important to have everything as organized and prepared as possible. I have the container rigged with a piece of paperboard to hold back the other 17 days. Anne joked, "There should be a dispenser that just drops the appropriate daily pills on demand." With this image, we both pondered for just a moment and realized something like this DOES exist! Anne quickly got online and found that while they are usually sold commercially, individuals can order them. We chose a size, color, and the type that would spit out the correct sized pods.

I was so excited I could hardly wait, but with this ingenious gift on its way, I had to come up with something that would cheer her in the same silly way, or at least, I had to try. I am crafty. Crafty silliness is one of my specialties. Just so happens that Anne likes Heath Bars. I decided I would make her a bouquet of Heath Bar roses. But I had to go to town to fetch them... Heath Bars don't just grow on trees. Wouldn't that be nice?

Anne's order arrived, or part of it did and it was magnificent! I couldn't wait for the second part... oh, the suspense!

Such a cold drizzly day, Stoli and Macy held down the couch all day. Can't you see the LOVE?!
I secretly bought a bag of Heath Bars, and on one of our drizzly cold days here at home, I set up craft-time in the container and went to work creating my masterpiece of roses and to decorate my new vitamin dispenser. I had never made roses out of tissue paper, skewers, and Heath Bars. It took some imagination, some styrofoam, and green ribbon. In a couple of hours, I had a dozen roses in a coffee can vase. Sounds pretty second grade level, doesn't it? Who can argue against the fact that ten year olds are often more sincere than adults? I stand by my sincerely made and silly crafty gift.

A dozen "roses" for my Anne.
Anne's face lit up with surprise when I presented my gift. She is impressed and/or amused by my craftiness which is an alien skill to her, or so she says.

Finally, part 2 of the vitamin dispenser showed up! I decorated it, and we tested its workings and it's AMAZING! Every morning I pay 50 cents to receive my batch of vitamins. It makes every morning fun, and that's exactly how life should be.
The ultimate vitamin dispenser keeping me healthy and strong.
Happy Valentine's Day, everybody! Love those around you in the best way you know how... crafty, humor, seriousness... Whatever your style, love love love!

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  1. What a wonderful Valentines’s Day celebration!