Thursday, 22 March 2018

Let's GO!

No, not trouble in paradise, just ANOTHER busy week.  Disclaimer: reading a book - Eats, Shoots and Leaves - on “punctuation” so this little ditty, is riddled for exercise…

Getting ready to go ANYWHERE is always the undoing of all my coolness.  I have wrestled the blog back from the Eggcellence, with only a few minor scrapes and bruises and a whole lot of pissing and moaning on its part, as well as a gesture that denoted “more selfies to come”.  Left to answer emails or "fan mail" as suggested.  Huh…

We depart for the trip that Abby characterized last week, soon.  The timing could not be more perfect as we are worn to the bones from all of our projects and the idea of “fleeing” for perspective seems apropo.  While the birds are enchantingly gay, the gardens are striving for one on one time with the sky and Abby’s symbiotic relationship with the container project is humming along at cruising altitude, the taxes are paid, vehicles registered, 'Wally', the little tree that could is, well, still believing it can. I am getting nervous.  We are going on to places I have never been, or have not been in a super long time.  No big deal, right?  This isn’t the big one... just the one before the big one with an itsy, bitsy, teensy, weensy break in between. Tiny.

Abby working her tail off...

My trail I cut while waiting for Abby to finish working her tail off...

little Wally, with a wonderful story..
 Oh...and we may have mentioned to Master Stoli that his time to vacay (*te the premises) is coming near.
Stoli's reaction to "we're leaving again"
My neurosis has me imagining all of the most emergency response type needs.  In my head, it sounds quite similar to the station weather alert.  I am pulling things apart and putting them back together.  Do I have enough shoes?  After inspection of my well worn travel shoes and the holes that opened like donuts after our last trip (except for a great pair of hiking boots; thanks N.T.!), I had to invest.  Shoes...check.  Underwear?  I like to pretend like we will never, ever, ever have the capacity to wash clothes, ever, at all, anywhere.  Therefore, one can never, ever, ever have enough underwear.  Oh yeah, need a new laundry bag.  Apparently last trip, I wasn’t expecting to have dirty laundry.  Toiletries; acckkk!!  Think, think, think...what went wrong/right last time… Which mosquito repellent works in the mid-Eastern states in the raging spring? Is hypo-allergenic really a thing??

The Eggcellence.  It’s true.  Abandoned in crime scene fashion, it feels almost ghostly (but not quite ghastly) in there.  Abby made some small situational type modifications after we got home.  Anything that grows on it’s own came out on arrival weeks ago; C’mon people, we’re not slobs!! I am just now getting in clean up mode.  It’s okay, everything will be extricated, washed and reloaded soon.  The Eggcellence will stop whining and I will stop hyperventilating at 3 AM.
Whaaat??  It's fine, just a little housekeeping needed...
FOOD!!  I hate to go hungry, so this is always my first panic.  What will we eat? Will we starve?  What did we do last time?  We usually grab a bite on our arrival night, if lucky at one of our sought out local breweries, then hit a store nearby for daily groceries.  Was that sentence too long [Lynne Truss]?  That is what we did.  With healthy eating in mind, we shop veggies, fruits and cheese, anything fresh, delicious and unusual is always fun.  This is the best part of travel, if you ask me.  I would tell some of my other food prep/travel secrets...but then we wouldn’t have anything to talk about at our next dinner party.

The truth is, we are always ready to go.  Abby and I work together so well as a team, we could outrun a tornado on a moments notice if warned by that blasted weather warning system that causes me angst, even on a sunny day when it wants me to “get outside!”.  As I finish this, she is outside sawing and hammering madly in preparation for a Lowe’s delivery tomorrow and I have just cleaned the kitchen from our ‘Hanger Steak Salad’ and roasting some nuts in the oven.  It was salad week.  We ate lots and lots of salads...and maybe a little ice cream.  I lost three pounds.  I am a professional, don’t try this at home...without supervision...and sustainable inner peace.  Just kidding.
does any of this stuff work?
 Anyway… let’s go already!!!

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