Thursday, 8 March 2018

Psssst...over here!!

my first selfie!!
Hiya … Eggcellence here, finally I get a shot at this blog.  There will be no picture as I don’t know how to do that part.  My comrades are selfish about giving me time, assuming I have little if anything to say.  This is completely wrong.  I have MUCH to say.  First thing I want to say is…”are we ever going anywhere again?”  I am sitting here collecting dust which looking at the cars in front of me and the amount of dust and debris they are collecting, DOES NOT GIVE ME HOPE!!”  I have been mindlessly moored in my spot, abandoned while not needed, ignored as if I had not been deemed a hero only six weeks ago.  Why should I even put up with this disregard??

we're all dirty here
The beings pass by me on the way to their “this task and that task”...putting in plants, building gardens and bird feeders, tending to that god forsaken ongoing fire pit that devours everything from giant brush to humble piles of leaves.  The dog has gotten locked inside I noticed and only the cat with the attitude visits me now under the giant structure that protects me only slightly from what looks like the scourge of oak pollen season arriving.  There is a great deal of new loud noise coming from the container project I have heard the beings refer to on occasion with some sort of vibe that feels a bit like fear and loathing.  It must be me that they loathe, sitting here lonesome and abandoned.

they don't look THAT bad, right?
Neglected are my insides that need to be unravelled like a fisherman's line.  There is turmoil that would cause any human a need for alka seltzer or that pink stuff in the bottle in one of my cabinets.  Yes, they tend to their own needs and disrest, but me, I am fortified apparently with the uncompromised ability to create my own sanctuary inside and out.  The sun is coming out more and shining in my eyes; the weather is changing.  The short human is changing color and getting darker with each day’s work,  while the one with the red hair hangs on to her whitish skin that takes on a red hue by the end of each day.  They take showers in their fancy outdoor shower house, then sit and eat dinner outside right in front of me.  Do they ever say “hello”?  Offer me a morsel?  They stood near me including me in their conversation somewhat this week...something about tires.  They looked at me, hands on hips, as if….I were important.  That was several days ago and not a glance since.  Will there ever be….WAIT!!!  There is motion.  They are coming towards me!  They want to talk! They are tickling my insides and moving things around.  It sounds like plans.  What?  More snow today in the direction we are heading next?  Nooooo…. Not snow!  We just came from snow.  Here is good.  I like it here!  We can just stay a little longer...can’t we??  We have three weeks exactly they said.  Three weeks to make it warm towards our next destination.  Three weeks I get to sit and relax while watching the humans work and hopefully they….ignore me.  If anyone wants to talk to me, I can be found at

The Eggcellence

I guess here ain't so bad a while longer...


  1. Do you have a route planned? Stop by Nor Cal our way if come up through California. :)

  2. Hi Mason! I don't know the answer to that question yet...we have not determined our trip back from Alaska. We will let you know!