Thursday, 1 March 2018

Thursday Post on Friday

The internet loves lists, and so do I! Here are 10 reasons my Thursday post was delayed to Friday.

10. We have been reading an absurd amount. We have five books going right now. They aren't just started and casually set aside, they are seriously ongoing. We have a dense Dickens novel that we read one chapter per night. The other evening book is a much lighter more contemporary read. There is a third bedside book. This one is ENORMOUS and written in a way that allows you to pick it up randomly for a taste of this or that (It's a food book, so, pun intended!). We have two morning books. One is a series of articles published in a San Antonio, TX newspaper. We thought this might inspire some of our morning writing assignments. We also have a grammar book. We are realizing that some of the things we want to do grammatically by our own intuition, while are not proper to American-English grammar, just happen to be proper in British-English grammar. Who knew?!?!
How many books will we read in a year?
9. Outdoor work has been strong and mighty lately. There have been many days of lovely spring weather inspiring us to clean up, clear up, and mow. Bird sanctuary areas are being placed throughout the property. Amidst all of this awesome progress, I got the riding lawnmower stuck in the mud. This sort of thing wears me out even though I know it will be ok in the end, it still feels like a big fat failure. We freed the lawnmower yesterday and I finished with the first grass-haircut of the year.
So much relaxing to do!
8. Springtime purging of the indoors areas has been strong and mighty. I begin to get antsy when clutter takes over. When grabbing a lid for a pot results in CLANG "It's OK" BANG "I got it" CRASH "No, really, it's all good" that's when I decide something must be done. I lightened the kitchen shelves a wee bit and rearranged the baking sheets, pans, and lids. Sigh, relief.

7. My pyromaniac skills have been employed to consume the leftover brush and tree clippings that Anne drags back from her park clearing. When one goes maniacal in any area of life, other things fall silently to the side.

6. Anne has been feeding me the most amazing foods. Each evening, she creates amazing dishes. Whatever is left over waits for the next morning. I create breakfast burritos out of those leftovers. Because I start with Anne's amazing foods, my creations are usually pretty darn tasty too. Being this well fed takes time, thought, and lots of oohing and aahing. I apologize for nothing!
Oooooooo.... Aaaaaaaahhhhhh.... Mmmmmmm
5. The dog that was sick last week is now insanely well. The creature thinks she is starving to death. She searches the property for compost scraps, and literally ANYTHING she thinks MIGHT be edible including the husks from the corn on the cob we ate yesterday. Following her around has become a new full time job.
Yard work plus dog babysitting equals SPOILED DOG!
4. I HAVE written blog posts for the book blog, so it's not like I've done NOTHING! We read a Patterson book, a dud book, a really good social-political book, and a book about the orphanage where my grandmother grew up since my last blog post here on the Eggcellence.

3. We've gone to the grocery store a couple of times this week. What? "That's not a big deal - who cares?!?" you say?? Around here, it's totally a big deal. Going "into town" is a big adventure or ordeal depending on the chores of the day. It pretty much takes a whole day. Day. Gone.

2. We have super finalized our Spring trip!! We have all of the camp reservations made for Arkansas, Tennessee, Ohio, Missouri, Oklahoma, and North Texas. Stoli has reservations confirmed with his Auntie Pat, and Macy promises not to get sick any more. We leave at the end of March!
Winter trip plus spring trip... so many more states!
1. The actual factual real reason this post was delayed: I honestly had no idea that yesterday was Thursday until Anne asked at 9PM, "What day is it?" This is not a joke. We have been so busy doing all the little things with no need for a calendar, we seriously did not know what day it was. I was disappointed in myself, but after writing this post, I don't feel so bad. Having such an awesome life that I don't even know what day it is? I'll take it!

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