Thursday, 29 March 2018

Travel Prep

In the last few days we have done some pretty big things.

We have finished moving the garage into an entirely new and improved space. We took the old piece of junk container with its rusty roof and rotted floor, and we made it a beautifully organized garage with space left to be made into an outdoor kitchen when we get home.

Anne de-rust-ifying.
Gutted and ready to start over.
New deck floor.
Shelving unit for garage defines the space for the kitchen.
Garage gets a wee deck with bus-stop bench.
Garage completely organized and moved.
I took Stoli to Austin to stay with his Auntie Pat. Pat calls him her "time-share cat" because his stays are often very long. He'll be there the whole summer while we go to Alaska. He hates car rides but is completely fine as soon as he is there or here.

Prisoner transport.
Anne has pretty much turned this ten acre property into a park complete with trails and bird viewing sanctuaries. Photos don't do it justice. Neighbors have certainly noticed and make comments about how nice it looks. You'll just have to visit and see for yourself.
Backyard: Birdhouses, bird feeder, birdbath, and St. Francis to watch over them all.
Herb garden!
Vegetable garden with auto-watering.
Front yard: bird bath & feeder under my favorite trees.
New tree addition, Wally (a black walnut twig), and the trailhead is in this picture too.
Today, we are completing all the little things that it takes to actually leave home for a few weeks.

Stuff that is done because it can't wait until the day before:
  • Mow entire property.
  • Finish projects to a tidy state.
  • Pack clothes.
  • Pack toiletries.
  • Clean camper, truck, and all accessories.
  • Prep all bills that will be due while away.
  • Transport cat to his vacation home.
  • Shop for initial groceries and supplies.
  • Pack Macy's stuff.
Just before we leave:
  • Confirm with neighbors to check on the property.
  • Confirm with mail-lady about the mail hold.
  • Clean both cabins, bedding, all laundry, dishes, and porches.
  • Fill bird feeders.
  • Turn off all unnecessary water.
  • Turn off all unnecessary electricity at breaker box.
  • Don't forget the little things: phone charger, travel mugs, books, reading glasses, etc.
  • Eat all the ice cream.
We might have gone overboard.

And so, the day is busy. We leave soon. Anne gets to post next week with lots of fun travel stuff... or at least, that's what we hope!

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