Thursday, 24 May 2018

Alaska is Calling!

We are off!!  This is the last post in the blog until we return. We will have hit-or-miss access to internet, and we'd rather not stress over this... BUT:

We will post photos as we are able to Instagram - we are "theeggcellence" there too :-) Follow us or just check in through this link if you are not an instagrammer. Or, of course, just wait until we get back... we'll try not to overwhelm you with the awesomeness all at once. We plan to take notes for the book and blog posts the whole time we are away.

If you'd like a postcard from Alaska, go to our Eggellence store. You can order as many as you like at $2 each plus a one time shipping charge of $3. You can purchase other things on our store, but there could be a bit of a delay in shipping CDs, earrings and books until we get home... However, the one time shipping charge would still apply!

Before we go, a few last words of gratitude:
Thank you to Pat for taking such great care of Stoli while we are gone.
Thank you to Theresa, Carol, and our watchful-eye neighbors for keeping up with our home.
Thank you to Postwoman Diana for going above and beyond with all our packages and mail holds.
Thank you to Anne's dad for the final send-off.
Thank you to Abby's dad for doing so much of the research and planning for this trip.
Thank you to Abby's mom for putting up with all the chaos.
Thank you to our readers & followers, especially those who leave comments here on the blog (hint hint)!!

All of this support is invaluable. We could not do this journey without y'all!!

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  1. Oh, gosh! Have so much fun that you can't stand it! Have fun for all of us too!