Thursday, 10 May 2018

Planning Anxiety

This week has seen the return of nearly-summer temperatures, temperatures that make it very difficult to feel as if you could possibly accomplish anything, temperatures that physically drain and exhaust you. These days built up until yesterday peaked in a roar of frustration that led to today blossoming into a day of getting all-the-things DONE! At least, MANY things done.

Alaska is pretty much planned. The trip up through the lower forty-eight, through Canada, around an Alaska loop, and back down through Canada, all done. What we lack is the route coming home through the lower 48. We know we will be tired. It will be August when it is the most dry and hot in the American mid-west. We know we will most likely want to just GO HOME after overdosing on the amazing Alaskan scenery and cool air chill. BUT... It's hard to book single nights to bee-line home when we may never be through certain states again. It's hard to drive full-tilt though states that have amazing people and hidden treasures. What if we miss something?!?!
2018 travel fridge magnets including the upcoming Alaska trip!
Here is travel hint number ONE... The hint I am currently reminding myself over and over: Enjoy the journey. There is simply no possible way to see every detail. Enjoy what you do get to see and experience. When I went to Ireland, this was essentially my mantra. There was a reason to stop the car every 10 kilometers, but if you do that, you will miss the overall journey. Stop when the muse strikes, when the color hits you, or the hunger grabs you...  don't regret passing these things or those things. See what you can see and truly enjoy those that you did choose. No regrets.

We know we will be exhausted, and we will have seen some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. It will be time to GO HOME, collect our thoughts, and write. Stopping in Nebraska simply because we fear missing something will not benefit the journey. If something there catches our eye, it deserves its own adventure, and we will make that in the future.

Woo! Excited!!

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