Thursday, 17 May 2018

From Here to There

Let’s face it, if you’re from Texas, you already know, IT’S HOT!!  If you are not from Texas, it is likely that you have been experiencing other weather issues far worse, like rain and storms that we wouldn’t be too sad about around here.  Rain...what is that?
What the grasshoppers look like when it's hot!

 The good news is, all of this hot weather is taking much of the angst out of an upcoming trip to the north!  Oh, and also there is less guilt over a spoonful of ice-cream when it is 90 something by noon.  Anyway, I would be a ball of jitters right now over being all packed up tight and one foot out the door, but instead - Every time I walk outside to deliver kitchen detritus to the compost waaaay over yonder, I hear myself whisper, knowingly…”thank you baby cheezus...for….Alaska…”  See, as a personal trainer, I didn’t eat much cheese before, but Abby has done what no other could, and shown me the path and now I hold much regard for cheese and consider it a force in my subconscious.
Texas Summer = the battle of the wasps

So after stalls and starts and more stalls and starts last week, Abby has worked her tail off and outfitted the Eggcellence with items of necessity for the “safe travels” I keep having bestowed upon us from friends and family.  As a reward for all of her hard work but apparently had the reverse effect of causing her to want to put more work into the outdoor kitchen, we drove to Port Aransas for a daytrip Monday.  She had never been, I needed to get out of town for a day and we were curious how it is doing since the storm, less than a year ago.  It is true, Rockport clearly got the worst of the damage; Port Aransas didn’t look too much different to me, but at The Brewery, our host told us that they had had eighteen inches of water and had only re-opened two months ago.  After the storytelling, we shared a delicious hamburger, for which they are well known there at the Brewery and followed it with a small gelato at Coffee Waves, a local coffee house, that also seemed perfectly intact but sounded like it had had some remodeling since the storm. 
Tile for the counters on this side of the outdoor kitchen!

Since then, we came home and Abby shared her expertise in tile work while finishing the counter tops in the outdoor kitchen.  She just couldn’t help herself with all of this other drama going on of apparently leaving for Alaska, but I jest, because she too needs to settle her nerves and what better way to do it than laying a little grout.  She is so good at tile work, I am thinking that maybe we need to sabbatical next winter in Mexico and learn a little specialized tile art. But that is another story.  Hopefully a true one!!
I stole this picture from a client, he'll probably notice and yell at me...

So here it is in black and white.  We are on our way to Alaska and soon.  So soon, that I have had to partition out my underwear for the time we will be here and pick last minute laundry-mow-clean everything day, on the short list.  That is soon!!  I am sorry if I am going and you are not, but I encourage the day trip idea to get through this miserable summer, also drinking lots of cold beverages if you live in Texas, mostly water of course.  Walks in the morning are always nice and good books in the hot afternoon before a siesta.  I will be wearing an eye mask to get my winks and probably looking for hot beverages to drink with my FISH!  Check out the latest book we've read in the books tab; IT was a good one...


  1. No yelling for using the picture. We debated the cost of the sightseeing flight and thought the likelihood of being there when the mountain's weather was so great extremely slim. Give it a go if you're close by and the mountain is not behind the clouds. Our flight out of a very small place, Kantishna, at the end of the 90 mile road into Denali NP was about 1.5 hours and so worth the cost. Flights are also out of Anchorage. I hope to see lots of pictures from your adventures.

  2. Thank you! You will see lots of pictures, we are going to be posting primarily pictures for our blog during the trip. Abby announces that next week. I am wondering how many Texans we might run into on this trip with all of the folks I know making a journey that way...which would be kind of fun...and weird!