Thursday, 23 August 2018

We're Home!

We are home!

Abby and I got home this weekend and arrived to grass above our knees, harboring snakes of the Copperhead and Coral variety that love to hide in tall grass, less frequented by people.  However, we immediately got after our mowing in the people area of the property, so we could at least let the dog out and walk back and forth across the ranch without incident.  So far, so good...actually only one ridiculously long four foot snake that I believe was mostly harmless despite his impression of the loch ness monster.
Just one of MANY glaciers

 Alaska was amazing.  I would definitely plan a return trip focusing on the favorite parts.  The favorite parts were a little less obvious in the preparation, but now go into a notebook of "must do again".  These mostly were the challenging hikes inspired by new friends, the fishing wonderfully sponsored by Abby’s “ever focused on the fishing ideas” dad and visiting a few certain special places like glaciers and boat rides from large to a simple raft float down the river. But mostly, the impromptu views around every corner.  It would be fun to try Alaska in different months, always guaranteeing completely different experiences; I am sure.  For now, I feel a bit of authority on the do's and don'ts around the state for anyone planning a trip, so feel free to ask, before we forget.  Of course, everyone has their own idea of a good time.  If I were younger, I would consider living there for a few years or doing summer work there a few years in a row...  although this is not entirely out of the question to date.
More glacier

Our trip lasted over 77 days away from home and to be honest, I lost count of everything.  Fortunately, Abby documents everything from dollars spent to gas guzzled.  So we are prepared to do it again or share information on likes/dislikes, parks, camping, breweries, animals, books read, weather....etc.  Now, it is time to get busy after the property again.  No one told us it was so debilitatingly inferno-like in Texas while we were gone!!  This is a complete lie of course, being regularly informed how lucky we were to be in Alaska during the summer months, from our contacts back home.  But the "Devil’s Den" was not specifically mention.  Macy was first order.  She needed to be shaved generously and relieved of the woolly plush coat like I have never before seen on her.  She loved the weather!
Abby's dad catching a 360

The Eggcellence survived incredibly well.  The only casualties were two coffee cups, which we immediately replaced with souvenirs from one of Alaska’s many purveyors and a rear bumper on the camper, which we attribute to poor design and gratefully appreciate Abby’s mom for being a good spotter, as well I might add, travel buddy and world class grilled cheese maker. 


Now that we have the camper  cleaned out and property under control, it is back to our ongoing projects.  The outdoor kitchen has a few more things to be done, although I have been using it every night since home, keeping the cabin cool and clean.  Hopefully we will be using our kitchen to host a good size party for friends and family when the Texas heat subsides and we can all come out of hiding and travel the state once more.    We would like to build a writing cabin someday after the kitchen project is complete, next to eating, writing rides shotgun around here. The rest is just cleaning and clearing the property to try to continuously add value, monetary and the soul kind.  Abby will get back to her music projects and I will get back to personal training.
The replacement coffee cups needed after a few bumps with our usual

So the trip was a huge success.  We are out of juice, like a pile of lime carcasses from margheritas, for any more big travel this year.  We were hoping to aim for the east coast, but there are so many people and places to visit and so much real estate to cover, we decided that we are topped out at our three trips taken this year and very fortunate to have had those to begin with!  The Eggcellence has agreed to a few short relays here and there, until the end of the year for all of our sanity.
This is only half of it...maybe we need a deep freeze....

My father seems to be alive and well as usual.  We had 16 pounds of halibut and about 30 more pounds of pink salmon caught, all shipped FedEx to his house and as far as I know they were received and stored per request.  It was more like begging Oliver Twist style…”please sir...can we use your spare freezer most of it?”.  Where do you ship 40+ pounds of fish with little warning when you are 4000 miles from home.
Our favorite camping spot!

WE look forward to hearing of everyone else's summer excitement or complete laziness, whichever, whenever the opportunity grants you, drop us a line!  For now... we lock in and survive the humidity!!

Anne & Abby, The Eggcellence & Macy

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  1. How fun....what an adventure. It is fun to see your travels. Visit us if in Northern California. M