Thursday, 18 October 2018

Do You Like Fish?

One fish, two fish, red fish blue fish….wait, there are no red or blue fish.  This post comes a day or so before there might have been some red fish, but there is just too much going on right now to make the journey to the coast as we had planned this weekend.  So, instead… a little about the fish we do have, have had and will continue to have for the entirety of the rest of the year. 

A little safflower oil goes onto the comal and a spot of butter, until it all comes to a bubbly froth, glistening with the anticipation of the giant side of a pink salmon laid flat into the sizzle that sears the skin to crispy perfection, all while cooking the flesh to a idyllic, moist, tender flakiness.
skin seared pink salmon a.k.a. "trout"

This is how I have come to cook the load of pink salmon that we brought home from Alaska, the pink salmon we have appropriately granted the name, TROUT, because that is the consistency, texture and flavor and there are no complaints here.  The skin is very thick however, so the comal searing method is the best for getting the skin delightfully crunchy, countering the lemon, pepper, butter, caper and whatever herb or addition to the topside of this fish.  I grew up in Galveston, but learned to cook little else besides shellfish.  I am making up for it now!!  Anything one can make with trout, we make with our pink salmon.  It makes for a different kind of “salmon cake”, so we make trout cakes with shallots and Poblano peppers, instead of onions or traditional bell pepper.  The other method to disguise the hearty skin, roast and discard it!
Salmon cakes with some craziness involved there...

But what about all of the other fishes we brought home??  The halibut, has exploded in creative ingenuity as far as recipes go.  Abby, delighted in pursuing the quest for the perfect halibut ceviche.  I think it went marvelously, or at least my taste buds did, with the lime and lemon acidity cooking the fish to the texture of….let’s just say, tender morsels of meat that almost melt in your mouth among the creamy avocado,  crunchy cucumber, bits of red onion and Serrano pepper.  Yum!
Abby's ceviche....yes, that is cleverly a Chimay glass.

Recently, we grilled halibut and mango kabobs with Anaheim peppers on the skewers for a little kick!  Lip smacking!  When all else fails and we just want a good hearty piece of fish, out comes the comal again, this time with a slide into the oven, bathing the halibut in one of Abby’s favorite sauces for a marinade/glaze.  I think I got a picture of one of those just before she polished it off!
halibut kabobs with mango

I often want to challenge myself by entering pictures on a website or Facebook page appreciated by those who love to cook and share, but I am far too bashful and lack that sort of pride.  What I am instead, is grateful.  The fish were not free by any means, but there is something pretty cool about being able to reach into one of the freezers and hand pick the filet o’ the day!  Speaking of....
oops, almost missed a shot of this halibut...looks like cheesecake!

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