Thursday, 11 October 2018

Texas' Second Spring

It has been raining like crazy for days. The cooler dryer air invited us both outside all day. We have never seen so many varieties of mushrooms in white, yellow, and reds. Anne regrets not documenting them earlier. Each day, there seems to be a new one. The resident squirrel eats some of them, but we are afraid that squirrels might be able to metabolize things that humans can not, so we decide not to follow the squirrel's example.

There are also yellow, white, red, and purple flowers and greenery that comes alive when it rains like the ferns that grow directly on the bark of many of our oak trees. The oaks look like fluffy green muppets for a few days and then the ferns go dormant and brown.

Then there are the animals. Pairs of wrens look for a place to nest - the back porch? "Twitter twitter not here" they say. The tractor wheel wells? "Twitter twitter not here" they say. Who knows where those silly birds will set up. Tiny quarter inch long toads hop along the ground. We amazingly huge giants fear our own footsteps. We don't want to crush any of these tiny creatures accidentally. We tip-toe from workspace to workspace with our heads facing the ground at all times.
This one followed me around the property while I took pictures.
Anne and I saved scraps from our Alaska journey. We chose the photos we loved best and had those printed. It took me a couple of weeks, but I managed to create a scrapbook of all of the materials and photos. It's amazing to us looking through it what memories and writing ideas are sparked upon seeing a simple receipt or photo of a cheeseburger. It gives me hope that we will manage to write a few more things about our travels.

Anne and I have been looking into an office/studio space in town. It seems Hallettsville has been having its own economic springtime. A year ago, things were available. Now, there are vacant spaces, but nothing available. One awesome small building is used by the city to store their Festival of Lights stuff, and so it sits with no sign, no visible use. On the square, there are new businesses and a lot of office space for lawyers and CPAs. We sure would like to be right there in the middle of town offering Anne's fitness and goal training and my organizational services. It's frustrating, but we both know things will work out one way or another.

For now, we focus on food. Haha.... no really! Anne is one hell of a cook. I truly appreciate every single bite. For breakfast, I use leftovers to make something interesting for her and it's obvious she appreciates every bite, too. Food is our daily gift to one another. We make each plate pretty and well-rounded. We have eaten almost one entire freezer full of fish (one more to go). We eat out once every couple of weeks including this evening. We are going to a place we have never been before. The menu looks amazing, and we will both be able to sit back and enjoy being served beautiful foods.

To the Texans out there, happy second spring, y'all... and happy autumn to the rest of yous guys!

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  1. Will you be performing at The Texas Renaissance Festival north of Houston this fall ?? (2018)