Thursday, 22 November 2018

Thanksgiving once more!

Thanksgiving this year is full of extra thankfulness for us! We had an amazing year and we are rolling toward 2019 full speed ahead full of ideas and energy... Here's what's up:

Anne and I have combined our services to create one business based in Hallettsville called “Solutions.” She is focusing on personal training, food, and habits. I am focusing on home organization, photo scanning and stuff like that. Together, they create Solutions for Mind, Body & Home. 

Our office space is on the downtown square of Hallettsville in an old building built in 1888. We are upstairs down a long hall that opens into the front room of the building with three tall windows looking straight onto the courthouse decorated for Christmas. Our side of the courthouse says “LOVE.” I am completely in love with the space. Being upstairs, and in a new town, Anne is working hard to make herself known by creating a community of people we both know and hopefully growing by reputation and word of mouth. And she is striving to expand her online presence. 

Not the worst view in the world!
She is offering a “Challenge” for free to the first 25 people to say YES. The 25 Days of Christmas Challenge runs from Dec 1 thru 25. She will post a short video of an exercise to add to the previous days. Day one, only one thing to do… by day 25, you will have 25 things to do! The challenge does not require any equipment. Every exercise uses your own body weight and movement and can be modified to your abilities. There is a prize for being the first person to complete the journey… 6 months of free online training with her (by the way, that's HUGE!). Personally, if I make it through the challenge alive, I’ll be impressed. Haha… I’m lazy. Anne’s typical client is the ordinary person who wants to stay active and avoid injury as we age. This challenge is designed to get us jumpstarted for the new year, not to make us cry :-)

To participate, just send us an email with “YES” from the email address you want us to use.  Anne will put your name in the system and you will get an email with a password so that you can sign in to see the videos, etc. I encourage you to say YES even if you are doubtful of your abilities to complete this just because this is one huge experiment bound to have funny moments and major bloopers… and I’m all for a little laughter - that’s what keeps me healthy!! 

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!! 

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