Thursday, 15 November 2018

This isn't how my parents did it....

The rest of the title is ….”But that’s okay.” 

In opening my computer to write this blog, I noticed I had not been on since two days ago.  We’ve been busy.  Good for us.  Busy means doing, not talking about. 

The Eggcellence, Abby, Macy, Stoli and I have had adventure all year.  We have not given up on adventure, but the world doesn’t stop because (like many others) we like travel.  Graciously, we were allowed the gift of travel in 2018.  Travel in 2019 will be an even more precious gift and probably a little different in nature, but certainly not gone.  Now however, it is time to get back to work. 

We are excited about the work we have laid out in front of us.  I have always argued and pushed my clients on the subject of work being something they enjoy doing, not a daily grind.  I have encouraged clients to quit their job.  Not in haphazard abandonment, but in pursuit of a life that they can find pleasure and enlightenment, as well as pay their bills with a little left over.  I don’t feel like my parent’s generation had this opportunity and I can’t speak for the generation following me.  But I think everyone has the capacity to look around and decide “what they like to do” and how can they make that work. 

Despite this, I am surrounded with the opposite.  Friends and family that have blocked themselves behind a wall perforated only by flouresant lights and stained coffee pots.  The other side are those who constantly say, if A+B=C then, I can’t. There is no “outside of the box”.  I know a few people who will argue all day why the universe will not allow them the opportunity to have a job, or even make money with a hobby that they enjoy.  Lazy?  Lack of self esteem?  Loyalty to the bathrobe?  Perfectly acceptable if you can afford it and you are happy and satisfied.  But the rest...

It is not wise to tell people what to do.  But leading by example is perfectly okay.  So, as I said; it is time to get back to work.  Abby and I are taking a new plunge for 2019, highlighting our talents and interests, invoking a little risk and liberating ourselves to continue with our hobbies, working on writing, improving the property,  and hopefully providing a network for our community and reaching a little further if all goes well.  Not to worry, success or failure, we will always keep our feet moving, one in front of the other. 

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