Thursday, 20 December 2018

Still Here

We skipped a couple of weeks posting. As with any routine, there are times when something else takes priority. Sometimes it is appropriate to drop the old routine completely, and sometimes the activity is still important, but just needs to sit to the side for a moment.

Creative writing is still a near and dear priority for so many reasons. This month, however, writing has been done plentifully for our new business.

Anne has been a personal trainer for years just as I have been organizing homes for years. We decided a service business combining our talents would be a marketable and beneficial combinations to us and our clients. We both see people getting stuck in habits, sometimes in a spiral that pushes people into depression with only one way to break the cycle: gather up all your remaining oomph and JUST DO IT! Sometimes, the outsider like us, rather than a family member or friend, is just the person to push or pull someone out of that cycle. We don't know your story, we don't judge you, we are just here to add to your momentum. If it's your physical self getting in your way, call us. If it's your surroundings, call us. If it's making a plan or goals and sticking to that, we can help you stay motivated with check-ins. Our main goal is to help people reach their potential, then stay healthy, stay motivated to move to the next bigger brighter goal. We want to live our lives fully and we hope to help others do the same!

We have a new computer system to learn. We have a new office space to set up in a way that will keep us motivated. We have a town to network - if we can not help someone, we hope to know who can! And we have clients to bring into our world. We have a Facebook and Instagram presence to establish.

Once we get ourselves settled a little, creative writing will be back in our active priority schedule. Until then, we have article to write within our areas of expertise which feel a bit like creative writing. We may publish some of those here. It will be fun to get back to writing about the amazing travels and foods and beers we meet! We hope you stick with us through this transition period... and if there is anything we can do for you, let us know!! ~ Solutions for Mind, Body & Home 

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