Eggcellent Gift Shop

If you would like to support us in our travels and writings, we have a few inexpensive and cool things to offer you!

We like beer and I like to make things from recycled stuff. Take a look at these bottle cap earrings. I have several photos dividing them into themes. Celtic, Shiner, "fun", well known, and lesser known are my themes for now :-) Check back or send me some of your favorite bottle caps and I'll make some to better suit your drinking habits!

We love to write and we would love to send you a postcard! Just 50 cents plus one flat $3 shipping fee for as many as you want will get your choice of a) a travel city postcard, b) a nature travel postcard, c) a silly travel postcard, d) a just because postcard from home.

Finally, if you just want to show you care...  maybe you hope we get a good meal or visit a brewery you heard about, drop a couple of bucks in our tip jar. Any amount really helps us visit and share about more interesting destinations. 

No matter what, thank you for visiting, reading, and joining in our adventures! Hope to see you here or there or somewhere!

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